Midwest Ag Solutions logo - young healthy plant vigorously sprouting from the ground to achieve max yield potential from Nutriplant and APSA-80


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Midwest Ag Solutions logo - young healthy plant vigorously sprouting from the ground to achieve max yield potential from Nutriplant and APSA-80

Our success is based on people. They are growers, partners, and neighbors. All people that we are highly motivated to help achieve their goals. We understand that behind every person there is a family they are winning for and our mission is to help you win the best you can. 

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To increase crop production and profitability for our clients by providing cutting-edge technologies, products, and processes to transform their operations into industry leaders.



To be known as the partner of choice for crop producers who are industry leaders and major producers that are seeking to maximize their crop production and profitability.

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We keep things simple so our clients can achieve more consistent and greater results.



We honor our promises and commitments. 



We value people and relationships over all else.



This country was made great by the men and women who farmed this land. We choose to serve those individuals who carry on that great tradition.

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Our Products


Midwest Ag Solutions is powered by two brands: Nutriplantâ„¢ and APSA-80â„¢. Both of these brands have been used for nearly 40 years making them standards in quality. Since the introduction of our products they have contributed to a leap in crop production all around the United States. Due to a cutting edge and innovative spirit, our products have become benchmarks for increased crop production in the field and profitability for the producer.


We believe that our products are one of the pillars for the growth of U.S. agriculture. Our products are supported by cutting edge scientists, experts, and researchers. Our customer success is ensured through our tireless support team who is there to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

About Us


Midwest Ag Solutions was launched by Jared and Samantha Dyson in 2017.


Jared grew up on a 2,000 acre ranch surrounded by cattle and crop operations, while Samantha grew up spending every moment she could on her grandparents cattle farm. For several years, Jared and his father Wesley owned and operated a custom farming operation hiring out to local farms providing seeding and hay production services. It was during this time that Jared came to really understand the struggles many farmers were experiencing every year due to soil compaction and environmental stresses.


Midwest Ag Solutions is rooted in a family history of farming the great land of America for over 350 years. With family farming operations starting in Charles County, Maryland and migrating over the years to other states to include Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Today, our family, and extended family, still operate various farming operations ranging in size from small family farms to large commercial operations. To us, your success is just as important as our own family's.