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Midwest Ag Solutions logo - young healthy plant vigorously sprouting from the ground to achieve max yield potential from Nutriplant and APSA-80

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Reduce Compaction

Average Crop Yield Increase of 10%*


APSA-80™ is a biologically derived soil conditioner crafted using advanced proprietary technology. It is non-corrosive, biodegradable, and specifically formulated to promote the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms when applied directly to a diverse range of soil types. By creating a thriving soil ecosystem, APSA-80™ promotes healthy plant growth, ultimately leading to an impressive increase in crop yields. With APSA-80™ you can expect:


  • Increased nutrient availability and uptake

  • Increased water infiltration

  • Increased soil water availability

  • Increased soil organic matter

  • Reduced compaction

  • Improved soil structure

  • Deeper root structures

  • Improved water management and conservation


Chemically produced soil conditioners are toxic and cause environmental hazards. APSA-80™ is environmentally friendly, biologically derived, and made from renewable sources.


* Based on 9 year averages across corn, soybeans, and wheat. Irrigation Research Foundation, Yuma, CO. Results may vary.


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Increased Soil Water Availability

Using 500ml of APSA-80™ and applying in sandy loam soil, the average soil water available was increased by 47% resulting in increased nutrient availability and uptake for greater crop yields. The test results below show water moving down in the control plot while APSA-80™ concentrates and recharges water in the active root zone.


1. Singh, J P & Singh, Mahesh & Malhotra, Prince. (2020). Impact of Adjuvant Application on Soil Infiltration Rate, Moisture Content and Yield of Pea Crop. 12. 225-233. 


Naturally Derived Solutions

Nutriplant™ maximizes growth on a cellular level using our naturally derived nutrients to strengthen plant development at every stage of the life cycle. Our products support antioxidant activity, reducing the impact of abiotic stress and increasing metabolic functions.


Nutriplant™ science incorporates 40 years of research in agronomy, plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and in-the-field experience from growers like you.

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