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Midwest Ag Solutions logo - young healthy plant vigorously sprouting from the ground to achieve max yield potential from Nutriplant and APSA-80

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Nutriplant™ SG is a nutritional talc+graphite seed lubricant and next-generation planter box solution that


        Improves germination

        Improves crop emergence

        Increases seedling vigor

        Increases abiotic stress tolerance

        Increases crop yields


By providing key nutrients and biostimulants directly to the seed, Nutriplant™ SG provides agronomics that the typical talc + graphite blend cannot.


Nutriplant™ SG is registered organic in most states and is applied like any other seed lubricant — in the seed tender or right in the planter box.


Improve flowability and reduce bridging


Dries seed and reduces static electricity

for efficiency at planting

Talc + Graphite


Improve emergence and seedling vigor


Support plant growth all season

to support seedling

emergence and vigor



Mitigate abiotic stress


Increase photosynthesis and carbohydrate production

for season-long crop success


and Matabolites

Seed Nutritional Supplement

Average Yield Increase of 10%*


Available in both liquid and dry product formulations. Developed using Nutriplant™ proprietary technology, our seed nutritional supplement+ is biologically derived. Designed to provide essential nutrients needed to activate crucial enzymes to optimize metabolic pathways necessary for achieving crop yield goals. Using multiple modes of action, and a multi-disciplinary approach, our seed nutritional supplement helps crops perform better.


* Based on 300 trials over 15 years. Results may vary.

+Intended as a supplement to a regular fertilizer program and will not by itself provide all of the nutrients normally required by plants.

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Naturally Derived Solutions

Nutriplant™ maximizes growth on a cellular level using our naturally derived nutrients to strengthen plant development at every stage of the life cycle. Our products support antioxidant activity, reducing the impact of abiotic stress and increasing metabolic functions.


Nutriplant™ science incorporates 40 years of research in agronomy, plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and in-the-field experience from growers like you.

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Field of thriving crops maximizing growth at a cellular level from Nutriplant naturally derived nutrients

Soybeans: Biomass satellite imagery from 2019 Midwest farm trial, strong indication of plant health

Nutriplant™ SG Helps With In-Season Plant Health

The results below are from a trial completed by a John Deere dealership in the Midwest. The Seed was pre-treated with Nutriplant™ SG per labeled guidelines.


No other talc/graphite was used.

Nutriplant™ SG Planter Performance


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field of soybeans at pod set in early morning fog being sprayed with Nutriplant AG to increase yield